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Purchasing a Caravan

Buying a Caravan? You should consider a Pre Purchase Inspection also getting a Caravan Roadworthy and Gas Certificate

Contact Michael on 0461 515 525 do discuss the following points.

Q1. When does a Trailer,Caravan,Camper trailer require a roadworthy RWC also known as a Caravan Safety Certificate?

When the GTM OR ATM weight at ANY time is 750kgs and over, this will qualify most Caravans & Camper trailers immediately! NOTE: The TARE weight is NOT used to determine requirement, Look at the GTM weight ,and that is the sum of the tare weight of the trailer PLUS its allowable load do not include the ball load, you may use the ATM weight if that's all you know . Quick tip If its got brakes fitted it will most probably need a certificate.

Q2. When does a Trailer / Caravan / Camper require a Gas Certificate?

When the unit is fitted with any fixed or mounted Gas piping ,Regulator or Gas appliance like a fridge ,cook top or hot water system!

Q3. How long are these certificates valid?

Two months for the Safety (roadworthy) Certificate from the issue date!

Three months for the Gas Safety Certificate! Importantly. They are a ONE Use document when processed thru QLD Transport or TMR 

Q4.How much do they cost?

Mobile Gas Certificate is $135.00

Mobile RWC trailer Certificate is $135.00

Mobile HVRAS trailer Certificate is $135.00,

Phone 0417798934 to ask about a discount price for all 3 certificates in the one visit

Q5. What is the difference between a QLD Roadworthy or RWC and a QLD Safety Certificate?                   They are the same thing, just different words!.

Q6. What is a HVRAS Certificate?.

It formally states and records the actual measurement and weight compliance of the unit to Queensland Transport Standards, it is a formal requirement when applying for QLD Registration, it is needed when a Caravan or trailer is unregistered or registered in another state. It is not required when the unit is currently registered in Queensland.

Q7.What is the benefit of obtaining a HVRAS Certificate from us?

Convenience! It saves the applicant towing the caravan / trailer to a QLD Transport Office for measurement Checking!, Just Imagine towing a caravan or trailer into a busy QLD Transport car park full of learner drivers and parking a caravan or trailer !!!.

Q8. Do you inspect cars ,bikes, trucks and vehicle gas cylinders?

NO, We DO NOT inspect cars or date stamp gas fuel cylinders,

Its a different Gas Licence Qualification.

Q9.Can I transfer interstate rego?.

No! rego is collected as a state fee and as such cannot be used pro rata or transferred, this is where the HVRAS Certificate and the Roadworthy RWC & Gas Certificate apply.

Q10.Imported Caravans & Campers what to check?

Make sure to have it PROFESSIONALY INDEPENDANTLY checked for GAS & RWC Safety compliance before you buy it, even if it has the certificates. Check it has an normal entry door on the PASSENGER side or the REAR! check the night time exterior safety markers and lights are fitted and working ,an easy way to check what lights are necessary is to look at a common/popular Australian built caravan and compare.

Check the GAS Appliances have individual AGA or QGA certification badges or QLD Gas Association individual certification documents. QGA Some clients have purchased the imported caravan with certificates only to be caught up in legal complications due to false or incorrectly issued certificates. 

Q11.Registering an older Caravan or Camper Trailer?

Check all the Gas appliances actually work .Gas compliance can be costly if the system has been modified or renewed by a NON GAS tradesperson. If the appliances look newer than the rest of the Caravan it MUST have GAS Approval paperwork or Gas compliance plate for the installers work from a Professional Licenced GAS FITTER only!

You will need to have a recent weigh bridge certificate these are available from a Public weigh bridge stating the TARE WEIGHT ,even if you have a QLD rego certificate it is advisable to know what the caravan weighs now as it may have been incorrectly logged on the old forms or modifications/additional equipment may have changed the weight. Make sure the brake lights, Indicators, tail lights, number plate and side marker lights are all working. Check the tyres for good tread depth and look for small cracking in the rubber compound indicating old rubber, if there are cracks the tyres must be replaced. Check the colour of the lenses it must be strong and not show pale or white light, they must also be free of cracks and other damage. Make sure to clean and repack the wheel bearings these are the first item that will give you trouble on its first trip out, ensure all the brakes have been serviced and work well, Get under the van and look closely for rust in the chassis, if you find rust have it professionally repaired. Replace the leaf springs and renew the suspension mounting bush's. make sure the safety chains are welded to the chassis and the chain links have no damage.

Q12. Can you do the inspections in all weather

NO! The only weather we cannot work in is constant rain, it is impossible to do a proper inspection working in the rain when a caravan or trailer is out in the elements, Its dangerous for the inspector and there is every chance of slipping off the jack, tramping mud, grass and rain thru your Caravan and our electric testing tools don't like it either.

Q13. When I pay for the Inspection, does that guarantee it will pass?

Unfortunately it can only pass if it meets the correct standard set out in the relevant Government guidelines , you are given 14 days to make good the required repairs, Payment is still required no matter what the result. A reinspection fee is also charged.

Q14. Safety Chains are often overlooked by the Caravan Trailer owners, these are an important part of the QLD Roadworthy RWC Safety laws. Look VERY CLOSELY at the links for damage, they have often come into contact with the road surface at speed and look like they have been ground off or thinned in any way. Replace them before booking the inspection

Q15.D Shackles in Queensland must be load rated to withstand the load imparted by the trailer. If there is no way of YOU THE OPERATOR/OWNER proving the rating by way of formal visual proof to an QLD Compliance inspector OR Police officer they may issue a notice of non compliance.

Visit TMR Queensland transport web site and view the booklet SAFE TOWING, All about safe towing.

This Information is correct for QUEENSLAND.

Q16. Are you the inspector we meet and do you do ALL the certificates yourself?

Its a family business, so its either myself or my son Michael we are both multi qualified inspectors and perform the ALL inspections in the one visit = Gas, RWC & HVRAS. Some other companies employ sub contractors and from our feedback two different inspectors can be a nuisance. 

Q17. Why is Queensland so strict on Gas compliance issues?

Queensland state law follows the Australian Gas standards of AS/NZS 5601 as they are written, other states have not taken the standards as State law and as such some technical compliance issues can be encountered when bringing Caravans and Camper trailers into QLD. Victoria has now adopted the current Australian Gas Standard as Law from 2016 on wards

Q18. What are the items inspected for a caravan Roadworthy Safety inspection?

The inspection only warrants the caravan has meet the MINIMUM safety standards as set out by Queensland transport. We recommend either you as the buyer inspect the caravan before buying it or have an professional inspect it.

Items covered include. Identification. Couplings and Chains. Brakes. Tyres. Wheel bearings. suspension. chassis and body integrity.

ALL FITTED warning lighting MUST be working .

Mobile Caravan Roadworthy and Gas Certificate Service, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Beerwah, Currimundi, North Lakes, North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan

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