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Caravan Gas Installation

When it comes to Installing a new Gas Appliance into your caravan or finding the right person for your caravan gas system repair, best to leave it to the correct person for the job.

With our family business - Michael Does hold a FULL CARAVAN GAS LICENCES and can help with almost any gas work on your caravan.

Things we can install

Caravan Gas Hot Water System - service or replacement - Suburban SW6DA, SW6DEA, Truma BN14 and much more

Caravan Gas Space Heater - Mostly Turma E2400 are used

Caravan Gas Fridge Installation - Brands Such as Dometic / Electrolux and Thetford

Caravan Gas Bayonet Outlet - Bromic or Aquaknect, these are AGA appoved bayonets 

All Appliances MUST hold some type of Australian Caravan Gas Approval for Type A Gas Appliances

Call Michael to discuss any Caravan Gas Compliance Questions - 0417 7989 934

Recently we have found upon a few gas inspections quite a high number of jobs done here in Queensland by licensed gas fitters are still wrong, mainly not fitting compliance plates either because they have a restricted service licence and can not take on any modification work or they hold an open gas licence but still not doing the job correctly.

If you’re having any modification work or a new fit out the owner of the caravan / camper must always check the persons gas licence has no restrictions and the gas fitter is filling out the paperwork correctly

P.S. also check for a little black Queensland Gas Compliance plate which can be seen in this picture.

P.S. also check for a little black Queensland Gas Compliance plate which can be seen in this picture.

For further information please contact myself Michael on 0417 798 934 or Gas safety Queensland

One of our recent jobs were 2 New IMPORTED Hybrid Campers

"New Australian Gas Installation" and a Roadworthy and a HVRAS Inspection.

Having all 3 Certificates, Gas fit out and compliance plates all sorted in one call out, made it quite easy for these customers to get it all complaint and even have it registered ready for a trip this week.

- this caravan came with the gas line already in place, but it DID NOT have the correct Type B copper pipe which meant, yes they are “made to Australian spec” but that’s not always true.

If you have any questions about buying / selling or just simply looking for a bayonet for that new Webber bbq to hook up to your caravan...

Call Michael on 0417 798 934

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