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Mobile Caravan Service

Being a specialist business (Caravans ONLY) we offer a range of things, like a Mobile Caravan Service

Things we service and things we check as a part of your mobile caravan service

The following Servicing items can be carried out as a part of the Mobile Caravan Service or Trailer Service

Caravan Mechanical Servicing Items

- Full Bearing Service and seal replacement (Clean and Re-Pack)

- Lubricate moving components in the drum / electronic brakes

- De-Dust and Clean Brakes

- Lubricate all suspension components

- Lubricate all Hinges and Locks

- Spray all exposed metallic components / surfaces with inox or wd40

- Lubricate all Moving Chassis componens

Caravan Gas System Servicing / Caravan Gas Safety Checks

- Gas appliance run testing

- Gas appliance running pressure testing

- Gas drop lest / leak test

- Australian Caravan Gas Compliance check / test

- Hot Water System Service

     - Cleaning of the tank and replace anode

     - Clean out of the internal burner combustion tube

     - Clean out of the burner tube and jet

     - Corrosion inhibitor spray of all the hot water system components 

Caravan Roadworthy Safety Checks and Compliance Checks

All Safety and Roadworthy Items - Running Lights, Tyres, Brakes, Bearings and Chassis components.

Identification (Compliance Plate)


Stop Lights

Tail Lights


Clearance Lights

Number Plate Height Below 1.3m


Tyres – Cracks in Tread / side wall

Tyres – Tread Condition

Spare tyre

Floor (underbody)


Inner Bearing Seals

Break away system

Brake Operation

Brake adjustment

Drums or Discs

Brake Shoes or Pads

Handbrake Operation


Shock absorbers


Safety Chains

Load rated D shackles

Chassis – A frame

Chassis – Front under body

Chassis – Middle under body

Chassis – Rear under bod

Requirements for the Mobile Caravan Service and Trailer Service

- Caravan or Trailer must be on flat and level ground, as per OHS Requirements (Preferably on concrete)

- Onsite power plugged into the Caravan

- If the Caravan Is fitted with a hot water system, have the mains water plugged into the Caravan

Mobile Caravan Service, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Beerwah, Currimundi, North Lakes, North Brisbane,

South Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan

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